Pioneers work in a Toxic environment

Yes, that is what we are! Everybody in Belgium working with Parental Alienation is a pioneer.

This has his consequences.

Not only in Belgium, Parental Alienation specialists are pioneers, actually we are all over the world. Even Karen Woodall, Englisch specialist with a broad experience in treating families experiencing toxic divorce and Parental Alienation (30 years ), is still considered  as a pioneer.

Not only we have to convince the healthcare establishment that what they are doing, classical therapy, doesn’t work. We also have to convince magistrates and Judges that our approach does work! Karen Woodall reaches a success rate of 98%.
Often rejected parents know more about the subject than the health care workers they are dealing with. Rejected parents also have to deal with the fact that they are perceived as the bad parent, because not trained professionals only see a very emotional, angry, frustrated person in front of them.

Looking into Parental Alienation for an untrained professional is like going to a 3D cinema, watching a 3D movie, without putting the 3D glasses on your nose. You do not see what you have to see.

And all of this is playing in a very toxic environment, where everything is divided in black and white. Not only the environment is toxic, it is also very contagious.
All Professionals working in this field, need to be very careful not to be drawn into the divided world of the splitted mind. Even in the international community of scientists and professionals in Parental Alienation split thinking occurs. I encountered it myself within my organisation several times on a row. It’s like all of the sudden all ambivalence is missing.

There is no such thing as completely good or completely bad. One of the things a child trapped in Parental Alienation has to learn is, that good people do sometimes bad stuff.

Also our society we are living in does not help. We live in a world of war, terrorisme, manipulation, exploitation etc…. We also evolved into a society of instant gratification. People want to have the result yesterday, want everything to be perfect (see Simon Sinek,), even knowing that we are at the beginning of change. Every start up and change is difficult, it takes courage, perseverance and patience. Rome and Paris weren’t build in one day. Neither will our organisation!  It will take time, to change people’s perception. But I’m convinced that if we close the ranks we will be able to prevent and remediate Parental Alienation.

Parental Alienation is Psychological Child Abuse. None of our children should have to go through it! Every child deserves the right to grow up in a stable environment, with two healthy parents in their lives. Even if those parents do not live together anymore.

So if your are, as I am, convinced of the need of training and if you are a professional in any domain that’s confronted with this very problematic phenomenon, send a mail to and ask about our training offer.

On 14 december 2017 we organise in Gent a lecture about ‘The consequences for children experiencing parental alienation’ and the need for training. For more information go to our FB-event.


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