What I wish for ‘House of Reunification’ for 2018

At last we are at the edge of a breakthrough in Belgium. A team of psychologists and therapists are being formed, and will be educated furthermore. Karen Woodall will supervise, advice and follow up all our cases in 2018. For me it feels like I’m standing in the starting blocks, eager to start running.

We just need to find a judge, who’s willing to throw his/hers conventional thinking overboard. Who understands that the way of handling Parental Alienation, the way it has been done in Belgium for more than 30 years, doesn’t work.

Who knows that if not treated, Parental Alienation destroys lives. Estranged children as well as their rejected parents suffer from PTSD with as a consequence a lot of mental and physical health problems.

Are you aware that this is a huge cost for society? Not only those children suffer and often end up in psychiatric wards (sooner or later), they often drop out of school, have problems with authority, are more likely to become addicts and have an increased chance to become victims of divorce and Parental Alienation. Their rejected parents however, suffer from depression, ending up losing their job, get bankrupt if self employed, suffer from chronic diseases due to the endless emotional war they are captured in!

Research done by Faresa, showed that absence due to health problems costs a firm of 200 employees 1.000 000 euros. One third of that (300 000 euros) is due to burnout, depression etc. It would be really interesting to investigate this further. How much of these depressions and burnouts are caused by separation, divorce or even Parental Alienation.

So, knowing all of this…..,

It is my biggest wish that ‘House of Reunification’ can start to treat families in need!

It is my biggest wish to find judges who understand dat we need to merge justice and specialist care to cure Parental Alienation. We need judges who are willing to become the ultimate parent!

It is my biggest wish I can train as many professionals (judges, magistrates, layers, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist etc…..) as possible. The more knowledge, how sooner PA can be recognised, how sooner the right decision can be made, the more families can be helped!

It is my biggest wish that we can convince all juvenile organisations, and organisations working with families already infected by divorce, we are not competition! It is only by closing the ranks and working closely together we can help these families in need.

It is my biggest wish we find a location which we can transform in a reunification center. For the most difficult cases where we can not do the reunification work at their homes.

It is my biggest wish to find a big pot of money, so I can create a fund. With that money I could help a lot of families in need, who do not longer have to money to get the help they desperately need.

So…. if just like me….. it is your biggest wish to help families trapped in Parental Alienation, subscribe for my presentation ‘the effect and consequences of PA on children’. The next one is foreseen on Thursday 11 januari 2018 in Gent. See link.

Or go to our training page, and subscribe for one of the upcoming trainings.


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