Close Care: Episode two

 ‘The angel who brings the message to others’

Last week I had the dad of that girl I did a Close Care with (one overnight sleep during a weekend) on the phone again.

He had to ventilate. Since the Close Care, his daughter, I’ll call her Angel, did not stay over again. Although she has to come at his place a whole weekend every two weeks.

For me as a Parental Alienation specialist this is appalling. This girl has to make the transition bridge 4 times in one weekend. This little Angel is severely manipulated, to force her to make this bridge over and over again is severe child abuse. It makes her splitted state of mind even worse.

Last weekend, her dad asked her nephew and niece (on her mother’s side) to come over on Sunday. The idea was to go swimming with the whole family. She knows them well as she plays with them when she goes visiting her aunt with her mother. She didn’t wanted to go anywhere, she didn’t look at them, she even didn’t talk with them.

As a result everybody was forced to stay at home. Her niece and nephew were indeed also victims of her parental alienation behavior. As I explained in the former post about this case she took the power and everybody has to follow. Actually her mother has the power! She pulls the strings throughout our Angels cellphone. Although our Angel desperately wants to be a little girl, she’s transformed into a puppet on a string.

When I was staying over, the whole Saturday she really behaved lovely. Just before bedtime, she came to sit next to me, to learn me how to make a fishtale in her doll’s hair. The next morning the angry, distant, not willing to do anything, little girl was back. As I suspected she had contact through her cellphone with her mother. Her mother has provided us with the proofs herself! So, last weekend, you can be sure the same thing happened.

Again the court postponed their final sentence. The Prosecutor was not pleased with my intervention. I took a decision against the court order this summer, for the wellbeing of our little Angel.
I can understand they don’t like me. I also tend to write opinion pieces. Necessary to my point of view, because in this case it is five to twelve, as in so many others.

I really do understand the trouble Magistrates and Judges have in understanding these cases and the difficulty in taking a good decision. Both parties are accusing each other! Who’s right? In every case of Parental Alienation the biggest loser is the child!

I’m the child’s advocate! My concern is about the wellbeing of the child!

In this case this little Angel, when not helped, will face a grim future.

The only wrong decision both judges (family and juvenile court) can make, is leaving this little Angel where she is, without the necessary proper help.

Give me the opportunity to come and explain personally our way of working. Please give my team, lead by dr. Marc Naulaerts and Karen Woodall the mandate to do a profound examination, so we can suggest and execute a personal Reunification with her dad. It is absolutely not our goal to exclude the mom, but this has to be taken care of by trained professionals.

Many thanks for your time reading this!

Petra Van Den Hoeck
Parental Alienation Consultant
Founder & Coördinator



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